Professional Development for Certified Teachers

Teacher Retooling (Adding An Endorsement)

NWED is pleased to announce a retooling program that allows certified teachers the opportunity to earn a new endorsement in a streamlined, efficient, and economical process.

Endorsements Available

  • Early Childhood Education (P-3)

  • Elementary Education (K-8)

  • Special Education (P-12)

Program Outline

  • Open Enrollment - Apply Anytime

  • Continuous Enrollment 

  • Required testing

  • Online module work, assessments, and assignments.

  • Field observations and evaluation

  • Recommendation upon completion of required elements

  • Program duration is 4 to 6 months


$3,500 plus testing and course texts

Entrance Requirements

  • Completed Application

  • Washington State Teaching Certificate

  • Field placement (current or found placement site)

  • Official transcripts from your teacher certificate program

Required Testing

All candidates must take the appropriate NES/WEST-E for their endorsement. NWED cannot accept any out of state testing. The required testing is listed below.

Required Tests


Early Childhood Education

Elementary Education

Special Education


Test #

Test Name










Early Childhood Education

Elementary Education Subtest I

Elementary Education Subtest II





Special Education


*NWED does not participate in the PESB Retooling Conditional Loan Program.  However, NWED does offer a no interest 10 month payment plan.  Candidates are not recommended for the endorsement until they have paid in full.  

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Clock Hour Courses

NWED is excited to offer a variety of courses for clock hours for your teachers and administrators in 2022. Each offering consists of:

  • An online learning module

  • A two-hour online information/question-answer session with the module’s author

  • A reflection piece

  • 15 clock hours

  • Cost: $200


Courses for Teachers

Course 710: Professional Liability Quicksand for Educators

Online sessions: The 3rd Thursday of every month, 5-7 pm, PST via Zoom

Presenter: Bonnie McGuire

This course covers the critical professional expectations of every teacher, guiding them on how to avoid mistakes and pitfalls in their daily experience. Topics include: Code of Professional Conduct, Mandated Reporting, Educational Policies and Codes, Boundary Invasion,  Landmark Supreme court cases, Searching students, FERPA, Professional Accountability, The Hatch Amendment, Copyright Materials, 504 and IDEA policies/law, Joining a Union, Conduct verses Performance, Weingarten Rights, Loudermill, Employee Conduct Rules, Texting, Phone Use, The importance of documentation, Social Media, and many other nuances that teachers face in their profession.


Course 720: Teaching Diverse Learners

Online sessions: The 2nd Thursday of every month, 5-7 pm, PST via Zoom

Presenter: Danielle Gunns


This course addresses how to teach to diverse learners in the classroom, providing new tools for teachers and a deeper understanding of the necessity to reach the needs of all learners. Topics Include: Definition of diverse learners, Defining cultural competency, Differentiation and modification of curriculum, Creating a culturally responsive classroom, Discussion strategies, Culturally responsive strategies, Total participation techniques, Intentional groupings, student surveys, learner profiles.


Courses for Administrators

Course 830: Student Misconduct Investigations from a Principal Lens

Online sessions: 1st Thursday of every month, 5-7 pm, PST via Zoom

Presenter: Bonnie McGuire

This course provides instruction on the reporting and investigation of student misconduct, guiding administrators through the documentation process. Topics include: Contact requirements, Title IX, Steps of the Investigation, Principles of Just Cause, Interviewing techniques, Types of interview questions, Types of evidence, Necessary timelines, Contractual obligations, Handling allegations, Accommodations, What not to do, Drafting reports, Examples and further guidance.