Teacher Retooling

Adding Additional Endorsements

SPED, ECE and K-8 Elementary

Retooling Endorsements: Current Educators  adding a K-8 Endorsement, SPED Endorsement or an Early Childhood Education Endorsement

NWED is pleased to announce a retooling program that allows certified teachers the opportunity to earn a new endorsement in a streamlined, efficient, and economical process.

Entrance requirements:

Washington State Teaching Certificate

Required content tests for desired endorsement (NES/WEST-E)

Field placement (current or found placement site)

Official transcripts from all colleges/universities attended

Program Outline:

Applications accepted: Open

Applicant selection and notification: Continuous

Teachers complete online contents work, assessments, and assignments.

Field Supervisors observe and complete field assessment

Expected exit: Upon completion of required elements


Endorsement areas for this program: Elementary K-8, Early Childhood Education and SPED

Cost is based on an assessment of the teacher's prior coursework and experience.  The total cost is $3,500 plus NES/WEST E tests and texts associated with each course.

Note:  NWED does not participate in the PESB Retooling Conditional Loan Program.  NWED does offer a no interest 10 month payment plan.  This plan splits the $3500 into 10 monthly payments.  The endorsement recommendation is made at completion of the plan.  

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