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At Northwest Educational Development we believe that by supporting
teachers and administrators we can improve the educational experience for all.


We work collaboratively with districts to provide 
the experienced coaches that are needed to improve
retention and
help every educator meet their full potential.

About Northwest Educational Development

Program Approval

NWED is an approved by the Washington State Professional Educator Standards Board (PESB). 

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Our Team

Northwest Educational Development was created by a team of educational leaders whose goal is to improve the classroom experience through teacher coaching and training. We are former classroom teachers, administrators, counselors, and teacher educators who have trained new practitioners for more than a decade.


We understand the demands of the field because we have navigated through these recent years of tumultuous change. We are uniquely prepared to coach and instruct best practices because that is our specialty. We can support current frameworks, structures, and demands because we have served inside of those systems, in Washington State schools. We are prepared to serve because we are constantly acquiring new knowledge and studying innovative ideas.

Our Coaches

Northwest Educational Development has assembled an elite group of practitioners to serve as coaches. They were specifically chosen because they are experts with years of practical experience, well versed in current trends. Each comes with a host of tools, strategies, and approaches to aid teacher improvement. As leaders in the field, they are passionate about teacher retention and improvement. They understand the emotional, as well as practical, elements of teaching.


Once selected as a team member, each coach is trained to assess and address all aspects of the teaching process. Their previous knowledge is combined with NWED’s unique assessment pieces and holistic approach to provide powerful instruction to teachers.


Coaches are matched with clients based on experience, knowledge, and the needs of the teacher. Careful attention is paid to creating a trusting, professional relationship. Regular monitoring and training of coaches is designed to ensure quality and care throughout the experience.

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