NWED Foundation Scholarships

NWED is excited to announce new scholarships that will help more candidates with unique backgrounds, more reflective of today's demographics, become teachers.  To aid in this we are now offering scholarships to encourage and aid the teachers most needed in schools. Spring 2021 scholarships are available to any candidate that applies between January 1, 2021 and April 1, 2021. Scholarship awards will be announced April 30, 2021.

Each scholarship is $300 (the price of a single module), and scholarship recipients will receive a voucher for the WEST-E/NES test.  Candidates may apply for more than one scholarship.  For example a diverse female teaching secondary science in a tribal school could apply for all three scholarships; an award totalling $900. 

Underrepresented Populations: This scholarship seeks to increase the diversity and representation of needed demographics in schools. These populations are: diveristy candidates/candidates of color, women in secondary math/science, and men in elementary schools. 

High Need Area Endorsement: This scholarship is designed for candidate seeking endorsement in a recognized high need area.  These areas are math, science, special education and world language. 

Tribal School Teacher: This scholarship was inspired by the work we've done with candidates in tribal schools. Any candidate that currently works in a tribal school may qualify. 

Schloarship Requirements

  • Must apply to NWED's teacher certification program between January 1st and April 1, 2021.

  • Complete the scholarship application, including the required essay.

    • Essay: As a teacher you will encounter a diverse population of students, many with experiences far different from your own.  Explain how your unique background and previous work with young people will help you serve these diverse populations? (~500 words)​

The NW Educational Development Foundation is a non-profit committed to removing some of the barriers that many prevent non-traditional candidates from entering the teaching profession.

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