Teacher Certification


Northwest Educational Development seeks to improve the overall educational landscape
through the intentional recruitment, training, and support of practitioners in a clinical-practice
based model of teacher education. Our model of teacher education is designed to have fewer
barriers to entry and encourage candidates from non-traditional backgrounds to enter the
profession. The program focuses on clinical practice as the most important part of the teacher
training process. This means that candidates are put into classrooms with professional
coaches who will train and guide them in the art of teaching in a real world setting.


Northwest Educational Development is now accepting applications for our teacher certification

program.  Please see the Apply Now page for more details.


Program Outline:
- Clinical practice based model, in a classroom, with an experienced professional coach.
  You learn how to teach while facing real time issues while receiving immediate
  and customized feedback.
- Background and supplemental learning will be done at the candidates pace using
  online modules.
- Candidates will have a flexible time-line for completion, taking as little as 1 semester to
  complete all requirements.
- Candidates can apply to enter at any point in the year allowing NWED to help districts
  fill empty classrooms with highly   qualified individuals year round as needed.
- Collaborative support is essential to this process and our model ensures that all parties, the school, the district and
   NWED personnel, are all focused on the candidate’s success.


The Basics:

- Flexible entry during the year.

- Immediate induction into the classroom.

- Performance-based, open ended completion. Candidates finish when they have completed all necessary assessments
  and have demonstrated all state mandated proficiencies.

- Projected cost for the program: $9,900.


We are seeking candidates who have:

- Passion: You must be passionate about educating youth and care deeply about their success.

- Content Knowledge: You must possess a 4 year degree from a regionally accredited institution and have experience in the area you want to teach.

- Personal Accountability: NWED sets high expectations for our candidates while providing high levels of support. Teacher candidates in our program will need to work independently while also being willing to try new approaches and methods.


To begin the process:

- Fill out an interest form

- Start working on entrance exams

  --WEST-B – State law requires all candidates to teacher certification programs to take all three subtests or

  --WEST-E or NES test - These are the content tests that show you know the subject area you want to teach.
    Because you will enter a classroom upon admission you will need to pass before you start the program.

  --ACTFL OPI and WPT – These are language fluency tests for candidates seeking a World Language endorsement.


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