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NWED Teacher Support Program 

There is a critical need to improve and update teacher skills and knowledge in this rapidly changing educational environment. Many teachers across the nation are underserved by teacher education programs and in certain states, no certification is required to be an educator in the classroom. 

This fully online teacher improvement program is designed to reach teachers who were not well prepared, on conditional certificates, just entering the classroom, and/or are on improvement plans.


This program is for districts supporting:

  • Teachers entering classrooms for the first time, prior to entering a teacher certification program

  • Teachers on improvement plans

  • Anyone considering entering the teaching profession


Program Model


Candidates Receive:

10 instructional, online modules

Feedback on required module reflections

Six monthly cohort online meetings which offer information regarding testing, certification, supporting students and families, classroom management, teaching diverse learners, general support for their current position.


Candidates wanting to enter the NWED teacher certification program will be given credit for module completion and therefore a reduction in program cost.



Districts Receive:

Monthly report of candidates’ progress with:

  • Instructional modules

  • Module reflections

  • Monthly meetings

An incentive for teachers to move toward certification

Optional cohort sizes


Open to all districts across Washington State

The program has continuous open enrollment

Content Modules

Teachers are given access to ten NWED modules which cover critical aspects of education:

501 Creating Lessons, Units, Daily Procedures, Skills

502/503 Effective Teaching Strategies (Elementary or Secondary specific)

504/505 Assessments, Feedback to Students (Elementary or Secondary specific)

506/507 Classroom Management (Elementary or Secondary specific)

508 Diversity, Inclusion, Cultural Competency, Equity

509 Special Education Students and Working with Paraprofessionals

510 Differentiation to Meet Student Needs

511 Teaching Students of Poverty

512 Family and Community Engagement

755 Child Abuse and Neglect /710 Professional Liability Quicksand for Educators

Optional concentration courses specifically for Special Education and Early Childhood Education are available.


Teachers are asked to reflect on and discuss module content before creating a plan for self-improvement. This reflective process compels the teacher to define their own strengths and struggles to determine how to apply content to their own classroom.


Online Cohort Sessions 

Teachers will be expected to attend six monthly online sessions


Sessions include:

  • Information on certification requirements

  • Review of information from modules and current events

  • In depth conversations about how to apply information to current/future teaching experience

  • Question/answer

  • Survey to check for understanding


NWED Facilitators


  • Trained, experienced coaches with at least an MA and five years of teaching experience

  • Manage attendance and facilitate six online sessions

  • Complete documentation of attendance

  • Report to district personnel

Program Cost



Bree Van Horn,

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