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Teaching Positions in Pierce and King County, Washington State.

We are now accepting applications for teachers in all grade levels and subjects. We work closely with Pierce and King county school districts to find and place pre-certified teachers in schools. As a conditional teacher you would be placed in your own classroom as the primary teacher with a teaching contract for the remainder of the school year. You would also receive support and coaching to help you succeed in the demanding educational setting, and guidance to pursue your teaching certificate (if desired.) Full, part time, and substitute teaching contracts are available.

4 Year Degree from an accredited University

Background check

Completed application



How the process works:
Currently, Washington State is experiencing a teacher shortage. To meet the growing needs of school districts, we find and select potential teachers for classrooms in Pierce and King Counties. You do not need to have a teaching certificate to participate in this program.


After we have your resume’ and application, we will interview you (in person or by phone) to match your qualifications with current openings. You will need to complete an FBI fingerprint background check on your own. Selected candidates will be connected with districts who have open teaching positions. They will have an additional paperwork and interview process. Once selected, the district will assist you in obtaining a conditional certificate from the State of Washington. At that point, a contract is issued and you are assigned a classroom in which to work.


Coaching and educational instruction will be ongoing throughout the year. Experts in the field will assist you in all aspects of the classroom experience, from planning, to lesson implementation, assessments, and classroom management. If you want to pursue education as a career, guidance will be provided to assist you finding a state approved certification program.


Download the application here. Your completed application should be emailed along with your CV to

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