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COVID-19 Update

Dear NWED Candidates:


I write to provide some updates as our community navigates the challenges of the COVID-19 outbreak including information about how to negotiate field hours and placements.


Here is a recap of what to do under different scenarios. Please also regularly check the Office of Superintendent for Public Instruction, which is tracking district closures:

  • If your school remains open, use your good judgement as you continue in your placement, especially in terms of modeling hygiene and social distancing. However, stay home if you are not feeling well, are in a high-risk category (have a compromised immune system, pre-existing health conditions, over 60, etc.), were in close contact with someone who is/may have been infected, etc. Contact your field supervisor and mentor teacher each day when you will stay home to document your communication.

  • If your school is physically closed, but is offering instruction remotely, you may continue your field hours by participating in alternative delivery methods such as alternative locations, extended-day programming, and online instruction.

  • If your school does close, monitor communication and the OSPI site to learn when it is safe to report back. Your schedule should mirror the schedule of the teachers in your building.


As not all districts are equipped to offer online/remote instruction in emergencies like this, they may be required by OSPI to extend their instruction past the original end date of the school year, similar to what happened last year in 2019 with the inclement weather. If the above situation is to occur, NWED and our partner schools will work closely with you to fully support the completion of your hours in a timely manner with minimal disruptions.


Regarding the edTPA, there is no current plan in place by SCALE, Stanford, or Pearsons to change the current requirement of face to face teaching for task two. Therefore, this will remain in place and must be completed to pass the edTPA. Our suggestion is that if your school is still open, start taping now, and tape every day. You can use your phone or a video device. Upload your videos daily to your computer with information about the lesson. For elementary candidates, tape literacy and math lessons. For secondary, tape as many classes as possible. Save these videos just in case schools do not resume and you need to build your edTPA around them. 


Questions about field hours and placements should be directed to Danielle Gunn, Director of Field Placements at   


Questions about the edTPA should be directed to Kathlyn Mickel, Director of Curriculum at


I know this has been a challenging time and one where we are concerned about the health and well-being of our colleagues, loved ones, and neighbors. We are here to continue supporting all of you as our community is working through a very difficult time.


Stay healthy and safe,


Kathlyn Mickel

Bree Van Horn

Danielle Gunn

Jim Mickel

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