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NWED has recruited a team of experienced, professional coaches to assist new educators through the certification process. They come from a variety of backgrounds: school administration, district coaching, and university supervision with years of classroom experience.

Coaches work with candidates who are employed on conditional certificates and in their own classrooms. They assist them with the organization of the classroom, preparing curriculum, and creating engaging classroom experiences. When kids arrive, coaches observe and provide feedback to candidates to help them quickly improve their teaching practices.

Coaches are committed to 60 hours of intense work with candidates. They also complete a series of assessments to provide evidence of program competencies.



NWED also has a team of field supervisors who work with candidates in standard student teaching experiences where candidates are hosted by cooperating teachers. Supervisors observe and complete field assessments while supporting the candidate and cooperating teacher through the learning process.

Supervisors also evaluate teachers who are retooling their skills through additional endorsements. They visit classroom teachers and complete program evaluations.

NWED is committed to providing coaches and supervisors who know current educational pedagogy while also understanding the nuances of working with adult learners. They seek to support the teaching profession by training a new generation of educators through competent, kind feedback and support.

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Coaches are
consistent, kind, and knowledgeable with the goal of meeting the needs of teachers to retain them in education and create future educational leaders.

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